How to Apply 

To get started on your New Hampshire Commons lifestyle experience, simply click on the Download Application below and fill out the application form. Then, call 732-942-7000 to set up an appointment with one of our helpful, knowledgeable agents.

Application process is under maintenance.

Qualification Requirements 

  • All fields of the applications must be filled out completely. 
  • Applications are rated on an analytical scoring system to determine acceptance or rejection of prospective residents. 
  • Additional requirements and/or higher deposit may be necessary, depending on the applicant's scoring.

Credit History 

  • A thorough credit check is required of all applicants. 
  • Prospective residents may be accepted or denied based on credit history. 
  • Additional costs/requirements may be invoked due to poor credit history. 


Each lease holder is responsible for all rental fees, as well as compliance with community regulations. 

Employment/Income Requirements 

  • Prospective residents must submit a confirmable record of employment. 
  • Prospects must meet or exceed gross monthly income required to facilitate rent and other normal household expenses. 


The standard occupancy guidelines will be a maximum of two (2) residents per bedroom. Residents under the age of 12 months will not be considered in the occupancy guidelines. An individual will be considered a resident and must be listed on the lease agreement if they reside at the premise more than 50% of the time.

Fair Housing 

New Hampshire Commons strictly adheres to all regulatory guidelines contained in the Federal Fair Housing Act and its non-discriminatory mandates to the letter.